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5 ton hydraulic decoiler

5 ton hydraulic decoiler


Hydraulic uncoiler is the specific machine for uncoil sheet metal like steel plate. This machine can make up a production line of uncoil, flatten and cut with relevant configuration. Hydraulic decoiler adopts deceleration motor to drive steel coil to rotate. This machine is mainly composed of deceleration motor, hydraulic pump station motor and feeding rack mandrel. The hydraulic driving device is used to tension or loosen the inner bore of steel coil. The 5 ton

hydraulic decoiler

is characterized by simple structure, easy operation, stable performance and long service life.
There are three or four fanning strips installed on the mandrel. The fanning strip is used to open or shrink and extend the coiling block.
Operation and Notices:
Please do not overload material. And when the 5 ton hydraulic decoiler is running, workers are forbidden to stand near it. Also please do lubrication for rotation bearings and motor per shift.


1. Deceleration motor: YCJ160-S, 23 (7.5kw-4 c380v-50H)
2.Motor for hydraulic station: 3kw
3.Hydraulic pressure: 12Mpa
4.Coil I.D.: Min: 470mm; Max: 520mm
Packaging and Transportation:
5 ton hydraulic decoiler should adopt bare seaworthy packing.
Our company provides a variety of plated, pre-painted and laminated materials to meet different forming needs from customers. The cold forming steel products, like hydraulic decoiler, are widely used in construction, automobile manufacturing, shipbuilding, electronics and machinery industry;
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