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Column Roll Forming Machine

Column Roll Forming Machine


Column roll forming machine is also known as metal column forming machine or rack upright roll forming machine. The column roll forming machine owns upper and lower rolls. When working, the two rolls pressure the rolling metal into required shapes. These rolls are equipped with cantilever driving shaft which helps to move the metal forward.

Advantages of Rack Upright Roll Forming Machine:

Featuring a high performance in operation, this metal column forming machine can be debugged with little noise. And its maintenance is very easy.

Operation and Notices of Metal Column Forming Machine:

Column roll forming machine is wholly controlled by PLC. Therefore, the product can be manufactured only by inputting related production data, such as the number of products, length and punching dimension, etc. If users want to adjust this rack upright roll forming machine or something else, they are supposed to stop the machine first before carrying out relevant operation.
We strictly control the whole manufacturing process of roll forming machine. We conduct several inspections from raw material to the final product. Before the products are packaged for delivery, each cold roll forming machine undergoes a comprehensive quality inspection and operational testing;
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