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PU Sandwich Roll Forming Machine


PU sandwich panel line is suitable for making polyurethane panel with aluminum sheet.0.26~0.40mm. This PU production line mainly consists of un-coiler, leveling device, main forming machine, PU foaming machine, adjusting device, punching device, PLC control system, etc. PU sandwich roll forming machine has a good operation performance. Our PU sandwich panel machine integrates advanced chemical, mechanical and hydraulic technologies. In order to satisfy various customer requirements, we design and manufacture PU sandwich panel lines in different specs, models and configurations.

Usage and Notices:

This PU production line should be used on the basis of the operation manual. And please don't have an improper operation. The PU sandwich panel line needs a regular overhaul.
Technical Parameters of PU Sandwich Roll Forming Machine:
Suitable plate: 39,depends on the customers profile drawing
Aluminum sheet 0.26-0.40mm
Working speed: 15m/min
Polyurethane production line steps 40
Material of roller GCr15 advanced steel, precision-machined, high frequency quenching HRC58-62
Material of main roller #45 advanced steel (Diameter: 40)
Driven Gear, gimbals
PU sandwich panel line main power 7.5kw
Cutting Pneumatic following cutting
Material of cutting knife cr12mov, quench HRC58-62
Cutting Pneumatic following cutting
Cutting power 2.2kw
Polyurethane production line PLC Panasonic (made in Japan)
Dimension of the whole line 37000mmcheng×700mm×900mm
Polyurethane production line weight Approx 12Ton

Packaging and Transportation:

This PU sandwich panel line should adopt nude package and sea transport.
Our PU sandwich roll forming machine can be provided to customers around the world, including India, Iran, UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Brail, Zambia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and some other countries and areas.
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