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U Track Roll Forming Machine

U Track Roll Forming Machine


The U shape steel purlin roll forming machine for short, is used to make steels, studs and tracks in various sizes and thicknesses. It is widely adopted in ceilings and wall partitions of buildings. The complete U track roll forming machine is mainly composed of uncoiler, flattening device, forming machine, cutting equipment, collection table, hydraulic station and control system, etc.


1.U track roll forming machine equipped with a computer controlling system, is fairly easy to operate. It can work automatically only through inputting the related production data, such as piece number, length, etc;
2.The U shape steel purlin roll forming machine has many advantages, such as low cost, easy installation, short building period, recycle use, light weight and high strength.
3.U track roll forming machine possesses good features of rational and beautiful structure, stable and reliable performance as well as strong carrying ability.

Operation and Maintenance:

1. If users need to adjust the machine or something else, they must firstly stop the machine before carrying out relevant operations;
2. Regular lubrication for chain wheel, bearing and speed reducer of U track roll forming machines should be conducted carefully;
3. The forming rollers should be kept clean.

Parameters of U Track Roll Forming Machine:

Suitable material Cold rolling steel, hot rolled coils, galvanized coils and general carbon steel, etc.
Suitable thickness 0.45-1.2mm or other thickness
Forming specifications Depending on specific requirements of customers
Forming speed 10-15m/min
Main motor power 5.5-11Kw (depending on specific requirements of users)
Hydraulic punching Hydraulic cutting without wastes
Hydraulic station power 3Kw (depending on specific requirements of users)
Control system of rack roll forming machine PLC systems from Mitsubishi and Panasonic products, electrical appliances of famous brands
Optional accessories Hydraulic uncoiler, etc

Packaging and Transportation:

We deliver U shape steel purlin roll forming machines by sea shipping in container and nude packing.
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