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Simple Slitting Machine

Simple Slitting Machine


The simple slitting machine is mainly used to slit metal materials, such as cold-rolled steel coil, stainless steel, color coated coil and tinplate. This steel slitting line cuts metal menials into bar stocks with different width. As a result, the simple slitting line rolls the bar stock into small rollers for the next procedure.

Main Features:

1. The simple slitting machine adopts the material shelf with function of cantilever and opening umbrella. The end of the screw mandrel in the material shelf can be adjusted to match with steel of different apertures.
2. The steel slitting line applies seven rolls level correction. The roll arbors uses high-quality alloyed steel 40Cr made with a heat treatment. And this simple slitting machine has a perfect correction to defect band steel.
3. The roller of the steel slitting line principal machine adopts the bearing steel Cr12 to strike. Such heat treatment process is from distressing to annealing, quenching, tempering, and parkerizing. The surface hardness reached HRC60 degree. All the rollers are made by the numerical control lather, which guarantees the accuracy of the roller’s sizes and prolongs its working life.

Categories of Steel Slitting Line:
We offer thin sheet slitting lines of 0.1-3.0mm, and the thick sheet slitting lines of 3.0-6.0mm. We also offer automatic and semi-automatic machinery according to the different needs.


1. This kind simple slitting machine is easy to operate.
2. The simple slitting line features a high speed of putting materials.
3. The main mounding machine is in phase.
4. The steel slitting line has a stable quality.
Operation and Notices:
Simple slitting machine is supposed to be used according to the operation manual.


Material width: 1200mm, thickness 0.3--1.0mm
Slitting speed of forged steel slitting line: 12--15m/ min
Slitting material: Cr12 forged steel with quenched and CNC pressmen
Material of shafts 45# steel fine pressmen
Forged steel slitting line main motor power 7.5KW
Hydraulic station of simple slitting line 4kw
Electrical system PLC control, Omron made in Japan
Hydraulic decoiler capacity of the simple slitting machine ≤5tons, inner diameter 508mm
Forged steel slitting line electricity requirements 380V, 3phase, 50Hz
Approx size: 9000mm×1500mm×1400
Forged steel slitting line max slits 9slits
Way of slitting round disk slitting
Motor for hydraulic decoiler 4 KW
Specification of decoiling ф508mm×1300mm
Expansion range of the simple slitting line 450mm—550mm

As a national powerful company in the steel slitting machine manufacturing field, our production line includes European roller shutter machine, purlin machine, simple slitting line, shearing and press brake machine, t-bar forming machine, roller shutter slat forming machine, etc.
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