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Corrugated Roll Forming Machine

Corrugated Roll Forming Machine


Corrugated roll forming machine is a double pinch machine. It is specifically designed for rolling galvanized steels into corrugated sheets. Corrugated steel is mainly applied in tanks, drainage pipes and highway safety rails. We manufacture steel panel roll forming line only by customer order.
Corrugated roll forming machine is mainly composed of manual uncoiler, roll forming machine, computer control system, hydraulic control system and press forming cutting.

Operation and Maintenance:

1.With high performance in operation, corrugated roll forming machine works with low noise;
2.Corrugated roll forming machine, totally controlled by PLC, is fairly easy to operate. What the user only needs to do is inputting related production data, such as the number of products, length and punching dimension, etc;
3.If users want to adjust the machine or something else, they have to firstly stop the machine before carrying out relevant operations;
4.Regular lubrication for chain wheel, bearing and speed reducer of corrugated roll forming machine should be conducted carefully. And the forming rollers should be kept clean.

Parameters of Corrugated Roll Forming Machine:

Suitable to process Colored steel plate, galvanized board
Width of the plate 914mm
Rollers 18 groups
Rolling material Forging steel 45#
Rolling galvanization thickness 0.3-0.8mm
Material of the cutting blade Cr12mov
Dimensions Approx 9m×1.8m×1.5m
Power 5.5kw
Thickness of the plate 0.3-0.8mm
productivity 10m-15m/min
Diameter of the roller 76mm
Weight About 7T
Voltage 380V, 50Hz
Processing precision Within 1.00mm

Packaging and Transportation:

We deliver corrugated roll forming machine by sea shipping in container and nude packing.
Jiangyin Dingbo Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of corrugated roll forming machines in China. With 500,000 RMB registered capital and rich experience in steel structure industry, our company also supplies trapezoid roll forming machine, double layer roll forming machine and IBR roll forming machine. Our steel panel roll forming line can be provided to customers from India, Iran, UAE, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Brail, Zambia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia and some other countries and areas.
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